About the City of Buffalo


Buffalo, NY – The Queen City

Welcome to Greater Buffalo/Niagara Falls and the Southern Ontario region. We are a community moving into the 21st century, building on our industrial heritage by strengthening our rule as a “hub” for North American trade.  Greater Buffalo/Niagara is a community proud of its industrial legacy and is rising to meet the challenges of doing business in the 21st century by using technology, natural resources and community assets.

With respect to lifestyle, this region has more to offer than you would have expected for a community of this size.  You’ll find world-class cultural institutions, professional sports teams, and a host of recreation and entertainment options, not the least of which includes quick and easy access to another country and culture.  Toronto is only about an hour and a half away.

City of Buffalo skyline.

City of Buffalo skyline.

The four seasons climate creates an atmosphere where professional and amateur sports flourish.  Rowing, rugby, softball, soccer, hockey, rollerblading, football, skiing and hiking are all very popular pastimes for local residents. The range of leisure activities are complemented by the diverse communities found throughout the region. The City of Buffalo has many ethnically diverse neighborhoods offering Old World charm with the conveniences of urban living.  Throughout most of the year there are several festivals celebrating these very cultures.  Some examples include Greek, Italian and Irish festivals.

Buffalo also has a great food scene.  Our cultural diversity has given rise to a variety of cuisines including Burmese, Thai, Italian, Mexican, Ethiopian, German, Polish, Korean just to name a few.  Buffalo is very much a foodie town.  Several new restaurants also offer farm-to-table menus.  There are many microbreweries in the area including Big Ditch Brewing Company, Flying Bison Brewery, Community Beer Works and more.  There is also a local distillery, Lockhouse Distillery, that specializes in vodka and gin.  Buffalo is also very close to two well known wine regions, the Niagara and Finger Lakes wine regions.  

Shea's Performing Arts Center

Shea’s Performing Arts Center

 Buffalo is also home to the famous Albright-Knox art gallery.  Stemming from this are several local art galleries that are open to the public as well as art festivals in the spring and summer months.  For the musically inclined, Buffalo also boasts the largest philharmonic orchestra in the region.  There are also many music venues that host local bands as well as more mainstream artists.  The Shea Theatre located in the theatre district downtown, schedules off Broadway shows throughout the year.  Some recent shows that  have come to town include Book of Mormon, Beauty and the Beast and Phantom of the Opera.  

Many residents choose to live in suburbs like Amherst and Orchard Park given that a federal study of 50 major US markets determined that Buffalo has the lowest commute time, averaging 19 minutes. However, living in the city is also very affordable and many residents choose to do this as well.  Several resident also choose to commute via bike as Buffalo is a very bike-friendly city.  The region also has many small towns and rural communities which offer wonderful living and weekend activities.  The village of East Aurora is home to the recently awarded Bar Bill for the areas best chicken wings.  Although many Buffalonians will disagree on this issue.  There are also several farmers markets within the city of Buffalo and many in the surrounding areas as well.  It’s truly a place where there is something for everyone and that something is never far away.


Bidwell Farmers Market in Elmwood Village.

Lastly, one of the region’s greatest assets is its people. Buffalo is a community with character, spirit, friendly people and a sense of hometown comfort and closeness.  It’s no wonder that people move here and then end up wanting to stay.

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Buffalo Weather Facts (Not Fiction)

Buffalo enjoys all four seasons: blossoming spring, sunny summer, crisp autumn and bracing winter. Average monthly high temperatures vary from 80 degrees (July) to 30 degrees (January). This delightful seasonal range, of course, debunks the popular myth of endless Buffalo snows. The meteorological facts are that, in an average year, Buffalo has 60 days with temperatures over 80 degrees and only three days when the temperature dips below zero.

Winters, typical of a city located in the northeastern United States, come and go and are sometimes exceptionally mild. In a recent three-year span, Erie County’s Winter Carnival had to be canceled each year. The reason? Not enough snow. Let’s look at a typical Western New York winter. The average snowfall at the Buffalo airport is 93 inches. On average, there are only two storms per winter in Buffalo with accumulations of more than six inches – which puts Buffalo in the same category as Boston.

Skiing at Holiday Valley Resort.

On one recent Buffalo winter, the heaviest snow of the season left only four inches.  Less than half of Buffalo’s winter days have ground snow cover. There are only about 25 days of measurable snowfall in Buffalo each year.  Snow accumulations vary throughout the region. Snow falls heaviest in southern Erie County where there is an average of 110 inches each winter, while in Niagara Falls, which is north of the snow belt, averages only 55 inches per winter, and upper Erie County averages 65 inches of snow. Area skiers find challenging downhill slopes within 40 minutes of downtown Buffalo and crosscountry skiing on the rolling terrain of city and state parks. Ice skaters, ice fishers, tobogganers and snowmobilers in Buffalo take advantage of their winter opportunities, too.

Though well-versed in how to enjoy winter, Buffalonians still look forward to spring. Springtime begins to break slowly in April, then blossoms vibrantly in May. By June, the recreational opportunities (golfing, swimming, boating, tennis, baseball, softball, hiking, camping, biking and picnicking) which last through early to mid- fall are in full swing.

Buffalo enjoys sunny summers. According to weather records, it is blessed with more days of summer sunshine than any other major city in the northeastern United States. Pleasant summertime breezes off Lake Erie cool the region and keep humidity in the Western New York area relatively low. Summertime also brings an incredible number of festivals held throughout the region almost every weekend including the Allentown Art Festival, Taste of Buffalo, Juneteenth Festival, Friendship Festival (celebrating our friendship with our Canadian friends with our national holidays on July 1 and July 4), Italian Festival, Canalfest in the Tonawandas (celebrating the Erie Canal), the Erie County Fair (2nd largest after NY State fair) and many more! Buffalo knows how to party in the summer!

Summer weather holds through late September when leaves begin to change. Fall in Buffalo is clear, crisp and panoramic. The autumnal foliage is spectacular and a drive in autumn is a favorite annual event among many Buffalo families, as well as Buffalo Bills football, apple festivals and cider and pumpkin carving! Buffalo is a town of four seasons!