Fall 2014 UB Med-Peds Retreat

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The UB Med-Peds department wrapped up their fall 2014 Med-Peds retreat. The group had a constructive day of workshops on several topics including career planning, contract negotiation, and making “the med-peds switch”. After the workshops the gang broke sweat among the trees at the Ellicotville Ropes Course.

med peds retreat 10-4-14-41

Dr Padgett prepares for a zipline

med peds retreat 10-4-14-5

Dr Abbott leads a talk on “the med-peds switch”

med peds retreat 10-4-14-32

Dr Padgett walks among the trees as the sun sets

med peds retreat 10-4-14-35

Dr Aronica gets psyched up to walk across a balance bridge

med peds retreat 10-4-14-39

Dr Abbott and Dr Aronica flying through the trees

med peds retreat 10-4-14-9

Drs Moore and Salerno jamming some Prince songs during workshop breaks

med peds retreat 10-4-14-33

Dr Zambron holding on for his life as the bridge logs spin

med peds retreat 10-4-14-37

Dr McIntosh side-stepping his way across a swinging bridge

med peds retreat 10-4-14-36

Dr Yazdani finishing up a difficult swinging bridge

med peds retreat 10-4-14-20

The Med-Peds team getting prepared for an evening in the tree tops

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