Gold Humanism Honor Society Induction 2017

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Gold Humanism Honor Society 2017 – Our Honoree!

Congratulations to our own Dr. Jennifer Abeles for being inducted as faculty into the Gold Humanism Honor Society (GHHS). The GHHS honors students and physicians for their commitment to providing excellent, compassionate care, as well as for their dedication to patients and families. The induction ceremony will take place on April 5, 2017, but Dr. Abeles will not be able to attend, as she will be at the Association of Pediatric Program Directors annual meeting — demonstrating dedication to our residents and program as well!

Medpeds Spring Retreat

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The medpeds Spring retreat was held at Dave and Buster’s this year.  It was a ton of fun.  People were placed into teams of three and competed with each other is various games including Pacman, MarioKart, basketball shootout, trivia and dance-dance revolution.  The third years were the ultimate winners!  Go third years!

Match Day results!

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Congratulations to everyone that matched today!  We are excited to meet our new interns in July!

Anum Ahmed                    University of Arkansas

Michael Croix                    Medical College of Wisconsin

Patrick Kenney                  SUNY Upstate

Sarah Nevarez                   University of Rochester

Gold Humanism Honor Society Inductees

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The Gold Humanism Honor Society nationally recognizes and honors medical students, residents, fellows, role-model physician teachers and other exemplars who “demonstrate excellence in clinical care, leadership, compassion and dedication to service.”  Each of the individuals below were nominated by multiple peers for demonstrating these qualities.  Congratulations to all the inductees this year, especially our own Dr. Christina Padgett!

First Name
Last Name
Internal Medicine-Catholic Health System
Family Medicine
Family Medicine
Hematology/ Oncology
Hospice and Palliative Care
Internal Medicine
Preventive Medicine/Internal Medicine
Radiation Oncology
Vascular Surgery

Fun in the sun!

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Buffalo has a lot going on all through the year, but the summer especially.  There is always something to do from festivals and concerts to other outdoor activities.  A few of the med-peds residents and attendings were able to get together for a day of kayaking on Lake Erie and others got together for one of Buffalo’s biggest concert events of the year, Kerfuffle, where several alternative/indie bands come together for a day long celebration of music.


Buffalo med-peds at Kerfuffle 2015.


Buffalo med-peds kayaking at Canalside.

Fall 2014 UB Med-Peds Retreat

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The UB Med-Peds department wrapped up their fall 2014 Med-Peds retreat. The group had a constructive day of workshops on several topics including career planning, contract negotiation, and making “the med-peds switch”. After the workshops the gang broke sweat among the trees at the Ellicotville Ropes Course.

med peds retreat 10-4-14-41

Dr Padgett prepares for a zipline

med peds retreat 10-4-14-5

Dr Abbott leads a talk on “the med-peds switch”

med peds retreat 10-4-14-32

Dr Padgett walks among the trees as the sun sets

med peds retreat 10-4-14-35

Dr Aronica gets psyched up to walk across a balance bridge

med peds retreat 10-4-14-39

Dr Abbott and Dr Aronica flying through the trees

med peds retreat 10-4-14-9

Drs Moore and Salerno jamming some Prince songs during workshop breaks

med peds retreat 10-4-14-33

Dr Zambron holding on for his life as the bridge logs spin

med peds retreat 10-4-14-37

Dr McIntosh side-stepping his way across a swinging bridge

med peds retreat 10-4-14-36

Dr Yazdani finishing up a difficult swinging bridge

med peds retreat 10-4-14-20

The Med-Peds team getting prepared for an evening in the tree tops

Who are the Chiefs?

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Brandon was born and raised in Phoenix, AZ. Prior to his medical career, he played in a rock ’n’ roll band (and even toured)! His family physician inspired him to pursue a career in medicine. His interactions as a pharm tech with Med-Peds residents lead him to Med-Peds. He went to medical school at A. T. Still School of Osteopathic Medicine in Az. Brandon is serving as the Webmaster for NMPRA. He is a recipient of the Gary Onady award and a member of the Gold Humanism Honor Society. Passions outside of medicine are hockey, rock climbing, awesome music, Moose (his dog), and his lovely wife, Tiffany. Brandon plans to practice Med-Peds in a Community Health Center in Flagstaff, AZ.

Lydia is from Flushing Meadows, Queens, NY. Prior to her career in medicine she was a youth teacher and worked at Legal Aid Society’s Juvenile Rights Division. She went to medical school at New York College of Osteopathic Medicine. She was reinforced by her mission trip to Haiti after the earthquake to pursue a career in Med-Peds. Lydia is a member of the Gold Humanism Honor Society. She is well known in the Med-Peds family to be the “Asian mom” (always brining a lot of food to our events and caring for babies). Passions outside of medicine are hiking and experiencing the great outdoors, being a doting aunt, and enjoying good food. Lydia plans to practice primary care with an interest in Infectious Disease around the NYC area.

Addressing the Med-Peds 2014-2015 Academic Year

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Welcome everyone to a new academic year. I hope everyone had a great time at our Hello/Goodbye party on Sunday June 29th (photo above). It was my pleasure to have met all of our new interns: Ashley, Matthew, Kelly, and Arash. I look forward to working with you in the future. I’d also like to congratulate our graduating residents: Dr. O’Brien, Dr. Maciejewski, and Dr. Seshadri. While Jim will be hanging out with us for the next four months, I am both happy and sad to see both Dr. O’Brien and Dr. Seshadri leave. I am very proud of how they have developed and wish them all the best in their future careers.

We have some exciting things happening the first half of this year. I hope that everyone enjoyed our orientation as well as the Pediatric in-training exam (SARC). We will be scheduling our fall Med-Peds retreat in October as well as our holiday party in December. We will also be instituting the Department of Health experiences during ambulatory rotations; which I hope will continue to be exciting for our residents.

These experiences will enhance your skills in community health and patient advocacy. Our interns will continue to visit the WIC clinic. Also, Dr. Blymire will be certifying in simulation training and we hope to incorporate one Med-Peds conference in the simulation center this academic year.

As always I would like to remind everyone my door is always open to speak to about any questions or concerns you may have. We are constantly looking to grow the academic curriculum and your input is valuable. This newsletter is one example of resident input and leadership. Good luck to everyone in this new academic year.

Michael J. Aronica, MD, MSc

Med-Peds Reads

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Dr Deepa Gosine (PGY-4) has been working very hard to put together a newsletter for the program, of which we will be posting various articles throughout the year.


Thank you for your hard work Dr Gosine!

New UB Resident MBA Opportunity

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The School of Management and the School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences has collaborated to offer an exciting new opportunity for UB residents and fellows to earn an accelerated MBA during their training. Participants can complete the program in approximately three semesters and will receive an MBA degree at the end of their residency/fellowship training.

Click here for more information